The Genesis blog

A.k.a. my first blog post on this website. Don’t expect a whitepaper or something. I just needed some space in my head and that’s best done by writing stuff and since writing on a piece of paper results in tons of head scratching wondering what the hell I wrote down. I decided it was best done in digital form and then, why not on the internet.

I love browsing other peoples how-to’s and always find my own situation just a tad bit different but often lack the balls to comment or just don’t want to sign up to yet another service to do so.

Since I don’t like (having) a lot (of different) internet services I try to do most things myself. Same goes for this website, it is hosted on my Synology NAS in the attic. I have just ordered my first Raspberry Pi and have some neat plans and love reading books. In English and in Dutch so some of my posts will be in Dutch as well.

I’m an autodidact and I’ll love to learn to code and write my own software so that’s what I’ll try to do the coming year(s). There’s not a lot of spare time in my schedule, but you’re welcome to join me in my journey or just tag along some trips.

Happy browsing and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might already have or to send me your remarks. I’ll try to make it as easy as possible.

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